Macrame has become a great easy project that everyone can do.

If you remember sitting in the school playground making bracelets then you will love these macrame projects.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, you will know how popular macrame wall hangings and plant hanging have become.

I want to share some other amazing projects you can give a try using this simple knot.

Add some texture to your home by using these projects and transform your house.

This is a great first try by Pretty Life Girls at making macrame and a great decoration to add to your home. If you don’t want to start on a big project this is a great project on a smaller scale. It will definitely be more fiddly so make sure you have some patience.

Make Pretty Life Girls Mini Wind chimes >>

2. Macrame Lamp Hanging

An easy way to add simple decor on a budget to a natural space. Home decor can be so simple but look so elegant in a minimalistic space. All you need is a long wire and some thick string to make this twisted macrame look. By using one knot you can make this elegant look.

Make Rennes Macrame Lamp >> 

3.Hanging Macrame Chair

You can’t get better than this awesome feature in your room. Have a spare corner next to a bookcase that could be a nice swing spot? This macrame project will get your brain thinking as it is a more complicated project. Who else can imagine sitting in their bedroom reading a book on this chair?

Make Classy Clutter Macrame Swing Chair >>

4. Feather Purse Charms

A great stylish way to use macrame knots and string to create a different type of keyring. Hang this keyring around your house, on your bag, as a wall hanging or a curtain tie. A great small project to make something different.

Make Cuckoo 4 Design Macrame Purse Feather Charm >>

5. Macrame shopping bag 

This macrame project is definitely the best one for everyday use. A great way to add some stylish macrame as an accessory to your outfit. But also such a great project that can be so handy. I am awful at remembering bags to go shopping with but maybe this stylish one will help and incentivize me. After all you would want everyone to realise you have made this!

Make the Collective Gen Macrame Bag >>

6. DIY Boho round funky coasters

If you are an avid tea drinker like me then this is a perfect project for you! Macrame can really be turned into all sorts and this coaster is a great idea! Daniela has made a great video that is easy to follow on how to make these great coasters. Treat yourself to a nice cuppa once you have finished making them.

Make the Curly Made Round Coasters >>

7. Macrame flipflop decoration with gemstones

Some flip flops can start to look very warn or tired and this is a great way to jazz them up! Or if you fancy making yourself a pair of flip-flops with gems on because you can’t fid the right colour in the shops. So grab those gems that you have been saving and get to it!

Make a Minted Strawberry DIY flip flop >>

For the yoga obsessed girl you need this strap in your life. Always wonder how you could look the bit cooler and stylish on your way to your yoga class? This macrame strap is a simple and easy DIY project that you can do quickly!

Make the Free People Yoga Strap >>

I hope you have found your next project! Let me know in the comments what macrame project you have made that you are most proud of!